About Us

Classic Barber is one of Melbourne’s best-known hair salons for men. The salon provides several services for men including men’s haircuts, men’s hairstyling, cut and coloring, bleaching, foiling, beard care, and even hair extensions. We are a crew of hairdressers and experts in men’s style in Melbourne who banded together to create a uniquely male salon experience.

What sets us apart from other salons, though, is our talented team of professionals who understand your styling needs and learn to anticipate them. Our stylists aren’t just staff, to mindlessly accept your orders and deliver a service, but encourage client involvement in the process to curate our services to your personal needs. Those who have visited us do not hesitate to tout us the best hair salon with the most versatile team of hairdressers in Melbourne, providing the best men’s hairstyles.

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Why people choose us

Friendly Team

Our hairstyling professionals are the best hairdressers in Melbourne and are always catering to men’s styling needs. Their hands-on approach brings the satisfaction of a relaxing experience to our pampered patrons, while their friendly nature makes them approachable. Before each appointment, we book consultations, where some of the best men’s hairstylists can get to know the client and their expectations. This sets the client up to evaluate the stylist and begin to put their trust in them before the service even begins!

Best Equipment

All the equipment used at Classic Barber for creating men’s hairstyles that are on-trend and suit the client is sanitized and cleaned after every use, in consonance with hygiene regulations. The machines are changed and maintained regularly to prevent any inconvenience to our clients, and keeping our title for the best hair salon for men across Melbourne! Classic Barber’s men’s styles are renowned and preferred by hundreds!

Great Atmosphere

When our founders were building the Classic Barber team and concept, they knew that men were not catered to when making salons. What they wanted to create was the most reputed men’s hair salon that would listen to the men who walked through its doors, and have men’s style experts cater to their needs, and then create looks for them that would be so fresh, they had to keep coming back! We aimed for professional men’s haircuts at a salon that welcomed men and curated to them specifically.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach towards relaxation for men in a space exclusively designed to give them a serotonin boost has brought back our clients who have come to rely on the Classic Barber way to bring them closer to their style goals through men’s haircuts and hairstyles. We don’t just provide a service but bring together professionals that can deliver you the solutions you need. These values make for the best men’s hair salon and the freshest men’s hairstyles you’ll ever see!

Quality Products

Whether it is the machinery in question, or the products used for men’s hairstyling, coloring, bleaching, foiling, shaving, trimming, etc., Classic Barber gives you only the best. We make sure that the brands we support supply us with paraben, sulfur, and ammonia-free products to minimize damage to your hair and skin. We intended to create an environment where only the best men’s salon services would make the cut. Men’s style comes with quality here.

Affordable Prices

One of the attributes of Classic Barber that helps us maintain the status we hold in the market is keeping the pricing structure low and affordable by most. While we maintain the best standards of practice and give our clients the best the men’s hairstyles world has to offer in and around Melbourne, we want to make our men’s style accessible to those in need who lack abundant resources. We want to bring male hairdressers in Melbourne on a platform of fame and recognition.